An Un-Canonized Psalm of Hope Worth Sharing

There are a lot of the things in this world that cause us to feel hopeless. The truth is that we live in a broken world full of pain and heartache. No one escapes it. Not one. 

Hope by definition is a feeling of expectation, a desire for certain things to happen. I spent the earlier years of my marriage hoping in my husband to "complete me" in a way that only my creator can. But, like us all, he is flawed and he failed me, like he was bound to do in one way or another.

There is something, someone in which we can find hope. Romans 8:24 -25 reminds us that hope that is seen is not hope. It is in our unseen Lord alone where true hope can be found.

God is always so very timely. Just as I was ready to start "dealing with" my husband’s past adultery, I met a beautiful woman - Melissa Spoelstra. Melissa had just finished writing a study called "Daring to Hope" about the book of Jeremiah, and she let the women at our church try it out before being published. It was just what I needed to hear at that particular time. There is always hope. 

Isn't God so good?

Jeremiah trusted God and he spent his life pleading with the people of Judah to put their hope in God as well. They trusted the things of the world and therefore were bound for destruction.

In Jeremiah 33, God promises Jeremiah that he has a plan for restoration. He promises to bring health and healing to give them abundant peace and security and to bring them back from captivity. He promises to forgive them for their sins of rebellion against him.

I hope for God to work on my husband's heart in such a deep way that any struggle with lust or unfaithfulness would appall him because it is an offense against God. I hope for my husband to place his hope in Christ alone. To believe that God does not just sweep life away but instead devises ways to bring us back to him as we are told in 2 Samuel 14:14. These are the things that I am hoping for but I want to be clear ultimately it is about who my hope is in. 

As Melissa puts it in her study, Jeremiah had an audience of one. 

In Jeremiah 23 and 33, he describes the one who is coming to save God's people. His hope is in Jesus before he can be seen by man. In Christ alone our hope is found. He is my comfort and where my peace comes from regardless of what life will continue to bring.  That is worth sharing.

Just as Jeremiah spent his life pleading for others to place their hope in the Lord alone, I want to do the same. It has been so very hard to tell people my story but God has been so good to reveal the hope that we have in him alone. God reminds me through Jeremiah that it is not about me at all. 

God of all Hope,

Let my heart rejoice in the hope found in Christ alone. Our true redemption story. You devised a plan to save us from our own wicked hearts before the beginning of time. What else is there to hope in?

Let me also rejoice in my suffering because I know that it produces perseverance; perseverance, character and character produces hope (Romans 5:3-4). You poured out your love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. What else is there to hope in?

Your hope-filled in the Round,


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