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Can Faith Be Undone?

Is it possible for you or for me, as born-again Christians, to mess up our salvation with sin?
In short, no.

Just as we did not earn our salvation with works to begin with, so we cannot lose our salvation with works once we have it. 

But haven’t we all seen that person who was once on fire for the Lord, was once a role model to many take a turn for the worse and not turn back around? That man who went from music minister to devout atheist, or that woman who went from Bible study leader to living life as she chooses. How can we explain that? One minute they were there, and the next they were gone. Did they sin until God gave up on them?

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Unbelief While Believing

Have you ever doubted the faithfulness, existence, and promises of God? Well, you’re not alone. We all have. Even Jesus’ own disciples struggled with this.
In the Gospel of Mark, we meet a father seeking the healing of his young son who is oppressed by an unclean spirit. When the father cannot get to Jesus, goes to Jesus’ disciples to heal his little boy. However, they are unable to do so. Why?

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