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Naked in Church

I can remember one Sunday at church, a particularly ornery boy said something along the lines of "Did you know if it weren't for Adam and Eve we'd all be running around naked?" 

Perhaps it was the shock of talking about nudity in church or maybe it was the image the question conjured, but either way I can still vividly remember the incident...

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What The Hunger Games taught me about Jesus

I have heard Romans 3:23 quoted a lot in my years of church-going – “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” It often is used as a stand-alone verse to give us permission to be okay with our sin. We are all sinners after all, right? However, you see in this verse the “for” is lowercase and there is a comma at the end of the phrase. That is because, my sweet friends, there is a whole lot more to the story. Praise God!

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What Is Worship?

“So what is worship?” someone asks of us in small group. 

A long pause follows. Every movement is obvious and glaringly loud. I can hear the person next to me inhale as though they are ready to share an insight, but nothing is said aloud.

I think that I have an answer to this question, but putting words to it is difficult. I know there is a common misconception that worship is limited to the congregational singing we do in church services, but I am lost for words to explain it in its fullness.

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