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The Coach and The Madam

Last night, I went to an inner-city food pantry/worship service (a weekly event held in a church building in one of the poorest parts of my city). The evening kicked off with singing songs of praise to God, followed by a sermon from a local minister. From there, a team of volunteers distributed groceries to those who took part in the service.

Depending on the week, the diverse congregation can range from pregnant teenagers to old war veterans. Regardless of their background, each attendee has both a spiritual and physical need and the ministry seeks to meet them both.

As a quick side note- given that my attendance is on the sporadic side, these experiences have been reduced to ‘events’ on my calendar. But when I look at the life of Jesus in the Bible, it seems like His “calendar” had daily encounters with society’s outcasts. These experiences weren’t ‘events’ for Jesus.

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