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Fart Guns and Zombies

Conversations overheard this morning in my basement included fart guns, zombies, getting eaten by sharks and lots of death and dying noises. I SO need to take a class on how to speak boy.

During the Snowpocolypse of 2014, I learned several good lessons.  One of these new concepts is a discipline strategy that has drastically changed the mood in my home and the responsiveness of my children.  We've tried many things before, but this one seems to be sticking!

About two months ago, my husband and I came to the realization that our children were yet again jockeying for control of the home.  We were all grouchy.  Kind words were not often heard.  Discipline was ineffective.  There was no PEACE!  We sat down and prayerfully came up with a game plan.

With the help of a resource called the "If/Then Chart", we diagnosed three areas that were our children's biggest weaknesses, and decided to focus on those and ONLY those areas for one month.  We would discipline every time, no second chances.  After discipline, we would discuss with the child their unwise choice or ugly heart moments.  

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