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Oh Sweet Grace!

Do you truly believe you are blessed? Whether you believe it or not, you are! You have received such rich mercy and grace from your Father.

Mercy: compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm. 

Mercy is the act of God withholding the punishment we deserve, due to our atrocious sins and rebellion against Him. It is the deliverance from God’s wrath at final judgment.

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When a Christian sins...

I once heard someone compare the believer’s struggle with sin to carrying a dead body around on your back – this body is your old self.  It’s not really a part of you, but it’s there.  Still trying to hang on.  At first, you might feel like you can barely move around.  It trips you up.  You might get tangled.  Your attention is constantly drawn to it.  It drags you down.  You feel like you can barely take one step forward under its weight.  But over time, it gets a little easier.  One day, you find that you can walk more freely.  Then, you realize that you can jog.  Finally, you notice that you hardly even think about it and you are running to win the race.  

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