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Dear 17 year old self

Dear 17-year-old self,

Do you know that you are loved?  I don’t think you do.  In fact, I know you don’t.  You recently received a letter from your Father.  I am writing in support of this letter.  He told you that you are deeply loved beyond your wildest imagination.  I know you’ve been hurt.  I know the pain that still pierces your heart.  You have experienced things in life that no child should ever have to go through.  But you are more than these wounds.  And this love?  It will heal and restore these wounds, if you let it in.  It’s easy to be prideful and stubborn.  It’s easy to think that no one can love you.  But your heart is safe with Him.  He will never leave you...

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The Mark of a TRUE Believer

The gospel is this:
God created everything that is, and it was good. The jewel of that creation was man, made in His very image. Then man sinned, and the wages of sin is death. Thus, man was separated from the Lord. There was not, and is not, one man unaffected; not one man that does good in and of himself. We cannot bridge the chasm that was created even with our very best efforts.

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