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5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Sunday's Sermon

For hundreds of years, the Church has gathered as one Body around the world on Sunday mornings to worship our Savior. Whether Christ-followers enter a cathedral with high, ornate ceilings, or sneak an underground room, they know that God is present and community is a gift.

So why is it that so many of us scramble into the service late, stressed, and aggravated? Why is it that the second the service is finished, we jump back into daily life, forgetting about the past hour of being in the presence of God? 

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I'm Not Listening!

The topic of listening is a big one in our house lately. My oldest is almost three, and most of the discipline she receives is for not listening. Mommy and Daddy have one idea for what she should be doing, but she has her own ideas. Sometimes she can’t physically hear what we’re saying because she’s talking so loudly, demanding her own way.

Sometimes I wonder if I am so different from her when it comes to listening to my Heavenly Father.

James chapter 1 teaches about hearing and doing the word. As my daughter knows, listening isn’t just about hearing what is said, it’s about obeying those words. She might literally hear me, but when I ask her to listen to me, I mean I want her to demonstrate that she has heard me by doing what I ask...

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