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Security in Christ


People, all people, long for security. Vicissitudes come in all variety of shapes and sizes, throwing all variety of people to their knees.  With things around us constantly moving and changing, and not always in a pleasant or expected direction, we need something to hold onto. It is a real, legitimate need that we have. 

Security gives us hope, gives us something we trust. It must come from something that is unmoving, unchanging; otherwise, it is not really secure, right?

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Do I Have A Comfortable Faith?

The other day, my toddler was crashing around our first floor on her big wheel, laughing hysterically whenever it collided with a wall, table, or banister. Smiling at my husband, I said, “This is why we don’t have nice things.”  

By American standards, my family enjoys a simple life. We are bargain shoppers, DIYers, and do our best to live with minimal expenses. We have found that a simple life is a happy life, and I’ll confess that this can lull me into thinking that we have avoided the allure of material comfort and are somehow living above it.  

So when I first read the account of Abram and Lot separating and was asked to consider how being too comfortable can derail our walk with God, I couldn’t identify with the question.  

Well, not at first.

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