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Helpless Baby, Victorious King

My brain tries not to explode as I think of how crazy it is that God sent Jesus to us.  As a completely helpless, dependent, diaper filling infant.  Can you imagine holding Jesus as a baby, staring down into the face of God?  Mind blowing.

God must have had a very good reason to send Jesus as a baby, not a full grown man.  It doesn’t make much sense logically to send a baby and then wait 30 years until he will fulfill God’s plan to save His people.

Here is the thing.  God did not just send Jesus to save us....

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An Un-Canonized Psalm of Burden Bearing

I remember so clearly the day that the head-knowledge understanding of bearing another’s burden connected with my spirit. God has been faithful to reveal to me sin that my husband had concealed. On this particular day, I knew that I needed to confront him about something that he had not confessed from his past. And I was tired. I really did not want to deal with trial anymore, but for the first time my spirit sorrowfully ached for his spirit and it was no longer about me. My heart was broken for him. 

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