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Receive and Declare

How delightful it is when we first believe and receive God’s forgiveness and grace! We are usually so humbled and so thankful for His saving grace that we want to share it with others, in whatever ways we can. And it can be so powerful.

Back when I was a pre-believer, attending college at Ohio State, I was invited to a Bible study that I went to a few times with friends. It was a nice time of getting to know some Christians and thinking about whether I wanted to explore the faith more deeply.

During the course of the study, my group of eight was invited to dinner at the home of one of the college’s professors, who lived in a swanky area near campus.

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When I Want To Avoid People

As I sit to write this blog, my heart is swelling with thankfulness.  That happens quite frequently when our apartment has been filled with people we love.  Tonight we shared a meal. We talked, we laughed, we prayed. We cleaned up, and we talked and laughed some more.  It was nothing fancy; it was actually quite ordinary.  Yet it leaves me feeling like I have been given a gift.  I regularly find that the fullness of our home directly correlates with the fullness of my heart.

My husband and I love having people in our apartment, and we try to keep a revolving door of old and new friends coming in and out.  But here’s the crazy thing: more often than not, I look for a way to get out of such gatherings. I love having our friends in our home, so why do I try to find an excuse to cancel? The surface answers sound like, “I haven’t cleaned our bathrooms,” “I don’t have time to go to the grocery store and cook,” “The dishes/floors/dining room/patio-that-we-won’t-even-be-using are dirty.” And those may sound like legitimate reasons; some days they may even be legitimate reasons. But usually they are just cover-ups for deeper issues. If I am honest with myself, I look for excuses because I am concerned about impressing people, and I am afraid they will find me unimpressive.

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