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5 Ways to Remember the Gospel

Have you ever had a moment or a weekend conference that made God's grace so clear to you? A time where you walked away with an unmatched excitement about God, a spiritual high?

How long did you feel that energy? Spiritual highs are great, they are times when we feel closest to God, but like any high, they don't last.

I wish I could say that I wake up every morning gung-ho for Jesus, but honestly before having at least a cup of coffee I'm not gung-ho about anything....

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Suffering For Jesus

Accepting the ‘good news’ of the gospel is not necessarily fun or easy.  The gospel of Jesus demands that I give up everything the world would say I am entitled to (Mark 8:34-35).  It promises to bring hardship, trial, trouble, persecution, suffering, and even hatred (2 Tim. 3:12, John 16:33, Mark 10:22, Matt. 24:9).  It can be very tempting to hide my new identity.  

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