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Fasting in Fashion

So, what have you given up for Lent this year?

I ask to make a point. And what is the point of asking someone something like that? You're curious, sure. But is it really something that should be such common knowledge as what you had for dinner last night? It's sort of like asking someone who they voted for, really.

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True Fasting

Reading Isaiah 58, I am transported back to a small East Asian apartment living room, surrounded by an incredible group of people who had become like family in such a short amount of time. People whom I had learned from and shared so much.  None of us knew what the future would hold, or how this mission trip would affect the course of our lives, but that night was a defining moment for me.    

I did not return to East Asia as I thought I might — God had other plans for me.  But the words from Isaiah 58 have greatly impacted how I have lived out my life mission since that short, but life-changing trip.  I love to recite the eloquence of this passage.  I love to envision the imagery of chains breaking and light breaking forth like the dawn.  

And what is more, the passage is laden with promises from the Lord.  As you spend yourself on behalf of those around you, He will fill you up.  He will not only give you what you need, but He will make you flourish.

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