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I'm Not Listening!

The topic of listening is a big one in our house lately. My oldest is almost three, and most of the discipline she receives is for not listening. Mommy and Daddy have one idea for what she should be doing, but she has her own ideas. Sometimes she can’t physically hear what we’re saying because she’s talking so loudly, demanding her own way.

Sometimes I wonder if I am so different from her when it comes to listening to my Heavenly Father.

James chapter 1 teaches about hearing and doing the word. As my daughter knows, listening isn’t just about hearing what is said, it’s about obeying those words. She might literally hear me, but when I ask her to listen to me, I mean I want her to demonstrate that she has heard me by doing what I ask...

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Do You Trust God?

Do you trust God?
Like, really trust God with everything?

It’s easy to respond “yes” as a Christian.  Of course I believe that God is good and in control, worthy of my trust. However, if I look closely, many times that I ‘trust’ God, it is because I feel like I have a handle on the situation.  I don’t necessarily need to trust Him. It’s an easy place to rest. 

But what if a situation arises that I cannot control? 
What if God calls me into a place where I must trust Him completely?

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The Christian's Doubt

Have you ever questioned whether your faith is real? If you are truly one of God’s children?

Sometimes it hits me when I hear an amazing testimony of how God saved someone. Or when I literally forgot to pray for an entire week. Or when I open God’s word and feel like I’m reading Chinese (which I can’t, just so you know). Or when I mess up big, and feel the weight of the consequences of my sin.


It creeps in when we least expect it. If unchecked, or even worse...fed, it can wreak havoc in our lives...

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Fighting Religion


I think we’ve all been in the place where we felt someone was being a hypocrite.  Not to mention when we realize on our own that it is us that has been the hypocrite!

One day I told my daughter she couldn’t just eat candy for dinner.  Instead Mama fed them a healthy meal, washed them up and got them to bed- only to eat ice cream for my own dinner when the children were sleeping!  

This may be a silly example of hypocritical actions but when James wrote this letter...

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Jesus Is For The Childlike

Normally it's not a good thing to stay childlike. Innocence is seen as naivete, candor is seen as brashness, and the truth can hurt. We graduate from sippy cups to glasses when we learn not to throw our milk around, and diapers get replaced by big-kid undies when we learn personal hygiene.

Yet—hear me out—God wants us to stay children...

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