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You And I Are The Same

This place was far beyond my easy faith. Forged on the comfortable pews of Midwestern Lutheran churches, my faith was rarely challenged. Growing up, I had no doubt that God loved me, that Jesus died to save me from my sin, that as long as I believed (whatever that meant), I would be fine.

But the truth was that I wasn’t fine, and hadn’t been in a long while

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Can You Teach Me How To Shower?

"Can you teach me how to shower, just like you taught your kids?"-Daisy

When Daisy first came into our family, she was dirty, bruised all over her body, sick & longing for love. She was so excited to use toothpaste (something she had never used before) that we went through about six tubes of toothpaste the first two weeks. I bought all that the store had to restock our supplies. Even though most of the toothpaste ended up on the floor, it was so special and my little girl was thrilled! Hygiene was a new concept to her.

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When Faith Gets Hard

When we truly experience God’s Grace and the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see Jesus’ finished work on the cross on our behalf, life is never the same. The lifelong adventure of following our Savior begins. We are excited, joyful, and maybe even a bit over-eager as new believers to share with everyone what God is up to.

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