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Fighting Lies with the Truth

I have always loved James 1:17:

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. What a beautiful thought!
It is interesting to think about in the context of the rest of the passage in which it sits, however. (Read James 1:12-18). What does God’s giving nature have to do with trials? Or with temptation?

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Do You Trust God?

Do you trust God?
Like, really trust God with everything?

It’s easy to respond “yes” as a Christian.  Of course I believe that God is good and in control, worthy of my trust. However, if I look closely, many times that I ‘trust’ God, it is because I feel like I have a handle on the situation.  I don’t necessarily need to trust Him. It’s an easy place to rest. 

But what if a situation arises that I cannot control? 
What if God calls me into a place where I must trust Him completely?

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The Christian's Doubt

Have you ever questioned whether your faith is real? If you are truly one of God’s children?

Sometimes it hits me when I hear an amazing testimony of how God saved someone. Or when I literally forgot to pray for an entire week. Or when I open God’s word and feel like I’m reading Chinese (which I can’t, just so you know). Or when I mess up big, and feel the weight of the consequences of my sin.


It creeps in when we least expect it. If unchecked, or even worse...fed, it can wreak havoc in our lives...

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Deciphering God's Will

Now there was a famine in the land. So Abram went down to Egypt to reside there as an alien, for the famine was severe in the land.
Genesis 12:10

Two of our most primal instincts are fight and flight.  When the going gets tough, we tend to fall back on one of these two defaults.

In Genesis 12:10-20, Abraham faced a famine in the land God called him.  Instead of sticking it out to see how God would provide in the situation, Abraham fled to Egypt.  Abraham let the circumstance dictate his direction.  We tend to fall back on this same default, we let the uncertainty of tough circumstances make us flee from what God has for us.

When the going gets tough, how do the tough know what the Godly thing to do is instead of letting the circumstance tell us what to do?

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