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We've all done it. Our backs hurt, we're tired, we're hungry, the food's too salty, it's no fun, our hair is awful, we just don't wanna.

To make such beefs a bit lighter, my husband and I like to say, "Whine whine whine, moan moan moan, complain complain complain!"

Think about it. How often do you leap joyfully out of bed to start your day? When was the last time you thought happy thoughts when you saw the long lines at the grocery store? It's human nature to complain; we're sinful beings, and we want things our way—and preferably right now!

It always irked me in college when someone would complain about a school problem.  Whether it was something with the administration, the food (although there were never complaints about the tomato soup, people complained they didn't serve it often enough!), or a homework assignment, I always heard complaining, but rarely a positive word spoken.

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