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Going Through The Motions

My husband and I recently started going to a new church.  We didn't know anyone; we didn't know a lot of the songs sang at worship.  Because it was the first Sunday of the month, they had communion.  Finally, something familiar.  

Same wafers, same plastic cups with juice, same Scripture read.  It was a relief to have something familiar among all of the difference.  

That is until the cup was blessed.  The pastor said a prayer and we drank.  I nearly spit out my juice, I looked at my husband and he had nearly done the same.  It was not the familiar grape juice we had expected, instead it was...

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Who's That Guy?

Have you ever heard of Melchizedek?  Melchize-who, you ask? And more importantly, why does he matter?

In Genesis 14, after Abraham (at the time called Abram) wins an important battle, he has a brief interaction with a king and priest named Melchizedek.  Reading about this interaction in Genesis only, it is easy to gloss over the passage with an attitude like this: 

“…There is this king, who is also a high priest.  His name is Melchize-something.  Abram gives him a tenth of the spoils from his victory… cool, I guess?  Whatever, moving on…”

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