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The Beauty of Happiness

For as long as I can remember, I have been drip-fed the idea that beauty is being a particular number or size. Beauty, according to society, is having long, slender legs and a toned physique. When I look back at my aspirations to conform to this idea, I am annoyed with my younger self. Surely, I was not that gullible?

It is only recently that I understand what beauty is. Having been many dress sizes and weights over the years, I understand now that beauty comes from happiness and contentedness. Self-help books constantly bombard us with the importance of loving oneself before we can loves others and be happy. That's not at all what the Bible tells us.

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Finding My Way

Our family is made of up three people and one very hairy/loyal/daft/gorgeous/frustrating/lovable dog called Wilbur. In my (un)biased opinion, he is the most amazing four-legged creature in the world and one of the highlights of my day is taking him out for long walks around the amazing countryside that we’re blessed with in this corner of the world. It is often during these walks that I do most of my talking with God. To anyone who sees me, I simply look like someone who is out for an obligatory daily walk with their dog but I often return home with a stronger, clearer idea of who God is and His desires for me.

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