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Fighting Religion


I think we’ve all been in the place where we felt someone was being a hypocrite.  Not to mention when we realize on our own that it is us that has been the hypocrite!

One day I told my daughter she couldn’t just eat candy for dinner.  Instead Mama fed them a healthy meal, washed them up and got them to bed- only to eat ice cream for my own dinner when the children were sleeping!  

This may be a silly example of hypocritical actions but when James wrote this letter...

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Jesus Is Our Brother

Imagine with me being one of Jesus’ earthly siblings in that moment.  The brother from the same womb as you was being accused of being crazy because of his teachings.  He had gone inside a home and crowds were packing the street so that you could not even get to your brother.

Your face may be flushed with embarrassment as you overhear the crowd saying that this Jesus is out of his mind...

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The Joy of Community

As I looked around the table sipping my drink with friends I felt content with life as we laughed and smiled under the stars.  White lights lit up the evening.  Children played together in the yard.  Our bellies were full with a meal we had shared.  Sitting around that table was my community. Years of friendship, trials, hurts, celebrations and life were sitting there staring me in the face that soothing summer evening.

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Knowing the Invisible God

I remember when I first met my husband, Mark.  

One of my classes in college was in a lecture hall.  Packed in with about 300 other students, I noticed a boy walk in at the last minute before class started, and tiredly put his head down on the desk.  He donned black hooded sweatshirts, baggy jeans with a chain attached, black hair and a lip ring...

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