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Afraid Of God's Call

Fear is the product of unbelief.  

Unbelief is a lack of faith and trust in God. It is somehow believing that we know what is a better choice for us than the Creator of the Universe (and the Creator of you and me).

Imagine a little boy taking his first ride on a roller coaster with his Dad. He’s scared, really scared. Maybe even crying uncontrollably scared. His Dad keeps telling him “Follow me. I will be right beside you. Do not be afraid. I promise you will love it.” The boy loves and trusts his Dad, but this just feels too scary. His Dad gently but firmly leads him into the car and continues reassuring him that it is going to be okay and that he is with him. The child rides the roller coaster with him and LOVES it... 

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God's Ridiculous Journey

The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives,
and your father’s family and go to the land that I will show you.”
Genesis 12:1

Abram gave up a great deal of “security” in following God and trusting in His promises. As he was packing up to leave, people must have been asking him where he was going. And what could he say? 

“Oh, well, I’m going wherever it is that God leads me.”  In today’s world we might think that to be a bit irresponsible.  In fact, I would probably be the first to call that a ridiculous thing to do. 

Except that I’ve just done it. 

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My Story Is About God

Welcome to our study of ‘God’s Unbroken Promises through the story of Abraham’!

As we jump into Scripture beginning at Genesis 12, we should remember one key point. The story about Abraham is really all about God. Abraham actually takes a supporting role in his own story. Our almighty God is the main character.

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