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Orphans and Widows - Still a Command to Help

God changes and sanctifies us with the purpose of being used for his glory in the lives of others. 

I believe that it is no mistake that the first chapter of James starts with encouragement to see joy in the way God tests our faith through hardships and then ends the chapter with a call to action. In fact, you will see as you continue to follow this series on James that he spends the rest of this book telling us not to just hear the words of God, but do what the words tell us to do...

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Understanding the Bad Things

We all experience trial. James would not say “when you meet trials” if it was something only some people have to go through. The other important point about trials to catch here is that they are “of various kinds.”  This tells me that we all face different hardships, but that does not elevate the severity of one person’s hardship over another’s. James tells us to “count it all joy” when we meet any trial. He does not limit our ability to see the joy in just some of our trials.

As I was meditating on this verse in light of my life, my mind zoomed through the things I would call trials. I have suffered...

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Breaking the Cycle

I don’t know about you, but I  never cycle through the same fears and bouts of unbelief over and over and over again! God never has to teach me the same lesson twice. I never make the same stupid and sinful decisions more than once. I never have to feel like I could throw up over the way that I hurt someone again and again. I never burden my husband with having to listen to me recalculate every wrong word I have said, how I said it, who I hurt, what I could have done differently… 

You either? Great news! Well, unfortunately Abraham and Sarah are not as holy as us, friend. 

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Jesus is the Miracle

Explaining theology to toddlers helps to make what we believe just as simple as it really is, but it certainly does not change the magnitude of who Jesus is. 

My husband and I have been discussing what we want our children to really grasp about Christmas. It simply comes down to the fact that Jesus is the miracle, the mystery, the wonder that we are celebrating. Not Santa Claus (although St. Nicholas was a good man who loved Jesus), not the presents (although teaching them to have giving hearts is a good thing) and not all the pretty lights (although there is something really magical about twinkling lights, right?).

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The Great Temptation

We read in Genesis 13:16 that Abram has rescued Lot, his possessions and the people of Sodom. Now here in Genesis 14: 21 King Sodom tempts Abram to keep the possessions and give him back the people he rescued. Abram confidently responds by saying that he has sworn to the Lord that he will not take so much as a thread or sandal strap from the King because it would give him the ability to claim he made Abram rich. Abram wanted all the glory to point to God because he is the one that has promised him great reward...

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