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5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Sunday's Sermon

For hundreds of years, the Church has gathered as one Body around the world on Sunday mornings to worship our Savior. Whether Christ-followers enter a cathedral with high, ornate ceilings, or sneak an underground room, they know that God is present and community is a gift.

So why is it that so many of us scramble into the service late, stressed, and aggravated? Why is it that the second the service is finished, we jump back into daily life, forgetting about the past hour of being in the presence of God? 

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Do You Trust God?

Do you trust God?
Like, really trust God with everything?

It’s easy to respond “yes” as a Christian.  Of course I believe that God is good and in control, worthy of my trust. However, if I look closely, many times that I ‘trust’ God, it is because I feel like I have a handle on the situation.  I don’t necessarily need to trust Him. It’s an easy place to rest. 

But what if a situation arises that I cannot control? 
What if God calls me into a place where I must trust Him completely?

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Pirates, Murder, and Fellowship

Sitting around a long handmade wooden table was a motley crew if I had ever seen one myself. 

A ‘governor's daughter,’ ‘priest,’ ,’Voo Doo queen’, and other hysterical characters with elaborately developed backstories and beautifully creative costumes all came together to discover the identity of the murderer of their beloved ship captain.

This was how I spent my Saturday night...

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Why I’m Resolving NOT to do a Bible Reading Plan

Oh, the New Year. The annual clean slate.  The time when people jumpstart resolutions and gym memberships are half price. There is renewed hope…

I have tried reading plans several times over the years. I have signed up for daily emails, registered for phone apps, downloaded check-off sheets - and yet, I never seem to make it to the end.  So this year, I’m going to try to do something different.

I resolve to NOT do a Bible reading plan.

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My Story Is About God

Welcome to our study of ‘God’s Unbroken Promises through the story of Abraham’!

As we jump into Scripture beginning at Genesis 12, we should remember one key point. The story about Abraham is really all about God. Abraham actually takes a supporting role in his own story. Our almighty God is the main character.

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