More Grace Necessary

Remember this post I wrote two years ago when I said I was going to wake up early to spend time with God?  Yeah…

Summer hit, I got lazy. Then the school year started up. Then my  husband started a new business, my photography business got slammed, the kids were sick, the dog ate my homework…

I neglected to start my day in God’s word. Instead, I awoke to the sound of kids. And the tyranny of the urgent that comes along with running a house full of boys.

I’ve recently deduced that the reason I keep failing at this OH SO IMPORTANT discipline is tied to one thing.


Last week, Ashley shared about being in community with women who desire to grow in their faith.  It made me cry.  

One, because community is just awesome and beautiful and a rare jewel, and God has so graciously blessed me with it (I’m the pirate in the bottom left...what a fun night!!!).

Two, because I suddenly realized what a blessing accountability is

See, two months ago, one of my friends from women’s group asked if anyone would be interested in a group text at 5:30am. She was struggling to make morning time with God stick in her routine and wanted someone to text as a way of being accountable. It struck a chord. Despite my sleep-loving flesh, I agreed to join in.

Since then, I’ve gotten up. I’ve prayed. I’ve studied. I’ve worshiped. I’ve set my to do list for the day. I have yet to exercise, but progress, people!  And I haven’t quit. I’ve hit the snooze, or conveniently forgot to set my alarm. And there are days that the other women have slept in as well. You know, with 15 kids between the 4 of us, there’s bound to be sick days and sleepless nights. And that’s if the husband isn’t snoring you out of bed. 

But that’s the beautiful thing about community. We aren’t judging each other for our failures. We’re cheering each other on! Despite our setbacks, we’ve all experienced our faith being bolstered. Out of our obedience, we’re seeing God move, transform, perfect, fine-tune.  Through our fumbled attempts, we’ve experienced grace in a new way! 

“But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”
James 4:6

Instead of guilt over sleeping in, I receive grace and prayers from my sisters in Christ who are in the trenches right along with me. Instead of judgement from God, I receive grace for my day even though I didn’t start it with Him. And grace for a new morning to try again. Instead of my pride being hurt that I didn’t manage something that seems so simple, I’m filled with hope and Godly humility.

God yearns to stir our spirit into closer communion with Him. Giving Him the firstfruits of my day has been such a blessing in cultivating that relationship. The most beautiful thing is there is no judgement. But only more grace. And that grace brings freedom from legalism. Freedom from condemnation. Freedom from pride. We can’t do it on our own. We weren’t created to!

Here at Live In The Round, we will soon begin a study through the book of James. If you feel like you need more grace, more accountability, more humility, would you join us? I promise God will use your obedience in studying His word (no matter what time of day) to produce more steadfastness in your faith. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out! And we’ll be on Facebook each day at 6am on the LITR page with a post you can interact with :)

See You In The Round!