Jesus Is Savior

Have you ever had a debt that you knew you couldn’t pay?

A student loan, maybe? This article in the Wall Street Journal indicates that 2015 college graduates are the most indebted generation yet. 

You’re thankful for the degree, maybe, but you’re troubled by the amount of money you owe. How will you ever repay that debt? And why does it feel like the amount of debt you owe just sort of snuck up on you? 

Or perhaps you’ve had medical problems that cost thousands and thousands of dollars to treat.  How will you ever repay that debt, and get on to living your life? At the time of all the treatment, you never really knew how much each treatment was, you just knew you needed them to begin to get well. And now that the statements are in, well, you’re thankful to be feeling better, maybe, but the dollar amounts on those bills are almost enough to make you sick again,

Owing a debt that you cannot repay is awful. It is the kind of oppression that can take your breath away in the moment, and take your purpose and joy of living away in the long term. It is the kind of oppression that can render you totally helpless and hopeless.

And somehow, we seldom count up the cost of what we owe, because we are trying to stay positive by focusing on the outcome…earning that degree or improving our health. The cost of those things sneaks up on us.

Well, here is some good news…there are ways to pay off those debts, and there are many examples of people who, despite owing huge amounts of money, were able to pay them off. Check out here and here for great examples.

With a lot of work, and a lot of encouraging help from others, it is possible to pay off such debt.

But there is one debt that we can never pay off, no matter how hard we work, or how much help we get from others, and that is the debt that we owe to God. 

Like other kinds of debt, what we owe sneaks up on us…we somehow overlook the consequence of our sin, and we live in denial about the effects of our sin. This debt we owe is a source of terrible pressure and oppression. Like other massive debt, it can destroy us and cause misery if it is not paid.

We must admit that we do sin, and that it matters. Our sin separates us from God and others. Our sin impacts the world and we need to be saved!

But, thanks be to God, He has given us Jesus who is Lord and Savior, and it is through His death on the cross and His resurrection that our debt to God is paid.

For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man[a] Christ Jesus..
- 1 Timothy 2:5 (ESV)

Make no mistake, Jesus is Lord and Savior, whether we accept that truth or not. But when we do accept it and receive His work for us, our debt is paid and we are free.

Won’t you receive Him now, and gain forgiveness for the debt you owe? Throw off that yoke of indebtedness! All the heavens will rejoice when you do, and we at Live in the Round will rejoice with you, too… Let us know on our facebook page or through our Contact page!

Have you received Christ as your Savior?

Rejoicing in the Round,