Steadfast under the Weight

James 1:3-4
3 for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.
4 And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

When I have thought about the word steadfast, I have thought about someone who is loyal to the faith. It would take a lot to move this person if they could ever be moved.

In the study of James by Greg Gilbert, he states that the word “steadfastness” literally means ‘to remain under.’ He likens this to a person who holds up a heavy weight and stays there under the weight for a long period of time.

I recently started exercising with weights, and one of the things I don’t like when following the exercise video is when the instructor tells me to lift the weight and hold it there! I’m only lifting 10 pounds, but my muscles feel fatigued after all the reps that I have just performed, and now I’m supposed to hold the weight!

Since I’m new to this weightlifting thing, I decided to ask a friend, Chris Culler, who competes as a Bodybuilder about what happens when he remains under the weight.

Some of my questions were for him to convince me that it is important for me to stick with my workouts. Haha! I’m going to write this post as I would if I were interviewing a famous person in a magazine!

Me:  Why would you hold a weight up for a long period of time?
Chris:  In order to build muscle, it has to remain under tension.

Me:  What is the benefit? 
Chris:  The benefit for holding/lifting a weight for a long period of time is to build muscle and ultimately make the body healthier and stronger.

Me:  How do you feel as you are holding the weight? 
Chris:  The weight training leads to intense pain in the muscles, but over time it pays off.

Me:  What are you thinking? 
Chris:  As I train, I'm in what athletes refer to as "the zone". I'm not focused on talking or showing off, I'm simply focused on fatiguing the muscle.

Me:  How do you keep yourself motivated to keep the weight up?
Chris:  My motivation comes from an ultimate goal I have in mind... Once the weight is up, there is no stopping until the job is done.

As a Christians, we have trials that will grow us. We may feel fatigued under the tension, but ultimately, through our constant training of our faith that comes from reading our Bible, studying it, praying, and going to a Gospel preaching church, we will become steadfast to Christ.

One of the things Chris ended with was that he often compares the Christian walk to bodybuilding. He added, “As a Christian the ultimate goal is about what we will look like at the end of our walk, sanctification to glorification. Bodybuilding is not about what you look like today, but what you look like tomorrow.”

See You In The Round!