Security in Christ

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from
the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.


People, all people, long for security. Vicissitudes come in all variety of shapes and sizes, throwing all variety of people to their knees.  With things around us constantly moving and changing, and not always in a pleasant or expected direction, we need something to hold onto. It is a real, legitimate need that we have. 

Security gives us hope, gives us something we trust. It must come from something that is unmoving, unchanging; otherwise, it is not really secure, right? And yet, we frequently reach out and grasp at moving, changing things to provide that security.

Some people look to love and relationships to provide security. When others respond to us, trust us, seek our presence, look up to us, rely on us, this makes us feel safe. Whether in friendships or romantic relationships, it is easy to begin to lean on this sense of closeness as a safety. 

Some will look to money and possessions. Our society places a huge emphasis on finding a stable job with a high salary, in order to provide for our needs and cushion everywhere else. Actually, what is “cushion” and what is “need” is perceived differently by just about everyone. One thing remains consistent, having more seems safer. 

Some will look to intelligence, accomplishments, experience to provide security. The things that we know, the things that we have done, surely they speak to our competence to handle what is to come, right? Surely we have an adequate understanding. Surely we cannot be thrown. 

To a degree, these things do provide safety and support. It is good to have close relationships, good to have some money set aside, good to have experience that helps us make decisions. But, can these things operate as our ultimate security providers? No.

We can seek security in any number of things; but if those things are not God, they are not ultimately stable. They cannot support the full weight of our need for security. In fact, relying on them for such breeds a sense of anxiety because we have to do maintenance work on these things that provide our “security” so that they don’t collapse; and even still, it is often out of our control. 

Jobs can be lost, accidents can drain our bank accounts, relationships can fail, and just when we think we know and have seen it all, something comes in and renders all of our experience useless. We are unprepared, as it turns out. 

The need for security is real; but more importantly, the need for real security is real.

Here is the good news. James 1:17 tells us something significant: there is no changing in God. He is who He is, and He remains true to His character. There is no maintenance work needed from us to keep God the same; He does this on His own. This removes all anxiety, because we can rest on Him as a safe and secure foundation. 

And He intends for us to use Him as such. He designed us to do this, to sense this need for safety and to find it filled in Him. 

He is available, and He is safe to be our ultimate security. 

See You In The Round!