Fighting Religion


I think we’ve all been in the place where we felt someone was being a hypocrite.  Not to mention when we realize on our own that it is us that has been the hypocrite!

One day I told my daughter she couldn’t just eat candy for dinner.  Instead Mama fed them a healthy meal, washed them up and got them to bed- only to eat ice cream for my own dinner when the children were sleeping!  

This may be a silly example of hypocritical actions but when James wrote this letter, it was only a few years after the church had been born.  He wrote it to address the issues of the Christians who were saying they were Christians, yet were living their lives like they weren’t committed to the faith.  

I sometimes wonder without the short letter of James, would the church have turned too far one way or another in its teachings and gotten off track of the purposeful teachings that Jesus came to bear witness to?

Many Christians find the book of James, although short, to be quite challenging.  James sets an appeal to us for authenticity in our faith walk.  It is through the truths of Jesus words that this book is backed up in authentication of the instructions of the scriptures. 

As we work through the book of James together, I want us to keep an open mind to hear the plea of James to us for an authentic religion instead of the so easily to fall into hypocritical religion trap of this world.

I come before You to place my faith walk, religious ways and my heart on the line as I seek authenticity in Your word.  
Help me to explore what it takes for a genuine relationship with You.
Lord, consistently work on my ever-learning heart.

See You In The Round!