Why All This Talk About Jesus?

To the one who doesn’t know or like this God we write of, you might be wondering…

Why would you impose your beliefs on me? So Christianity works well for you; that is good. But what is good for you might not be good for me, right? Can you say that your truth is the only truth? Why would you be so close-minded?  

I can understand why you might be thinking that way. 

Dear one, it is not my morals or my spiritual regimen that I want you to see. It is not my anything, but it is His everything. Specifically, it is His grace.

Let me explain.

Before, I was living aimlessly; seeking only to please myself, but never quite sure how to do it. I was filled with pride, and desperately low on self-esteem. I lived according to the pace set by my circumstances and my emotions. You can imagine how smooth that might have been. I lived in the pendulum swing between high and low, enthusiasm and boredom, possibility and hopelessness, perceived power and realized loss of control. I was helplessly self-centered, totally enslaved to whatever desires were boiling in me at any given time. I was dead, and stuck in my sin.

And then, by His grace, I heard and began to receive the gospel. 

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!
I will praise the Lord as long as I live;
I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.
— Psalm 146 : 1-2

In His grace, the favor that I have not earned but have been freely given, I received and receive all that I need. The remedy to my self-centered roller coaster was a new heart, and new life given in Christ. No longer focused on me and my ephemeral wants, I am directed toward the God who created me (and you).

I am enabled now to see His glory; and to understand His will and participate in it. I am promised eternal life for the future, and get to experience that life and purpose now. I am freed from the debilitating cycle of seeking my own pleasure on my own terms, seeing now that the greatest pleasure is found in Jesus. I am empowered to live by the Holy Spirit given to me by God. I was dead, and now I am alive. 

Can you see why I think this worthy to share with you?

Not because I want you to conform to a set of moral standards, or boost the attendance at my local church. It is not because I want you to be impressed with me. 

It is because I want you to see how impressive God is. I want you to experience this grace.

The one and only God loves us all individually, though we have done not one thing to deserve it. He breathes life into that which is dead, calling to Himself those who have been hostile toward Him. 

I want to share that. I want you to see. I want you to have what I have; I am longing for you to have it. 

Psalm 118 : 17
I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the LORD.