Starting From Scratch

1 Corinthians 13 : 11
“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.
When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me”.

Regardless of where we are now, or who we are now, we all started the same…as babies, and then toddlers, and then children, teenagers and grown-ups (supposedly). 

This is amazing to me, because I think it is one of the only things that is true for It is true for all people of every culture, creed, color or continent. We all begin this life in the same way. Growing in stages is true physically, and the same is true spiritually.

It is one of the beauties of the gospel message that Christ began His Life incarnate in that same way as each of us, as a little baby.  He made it so that when we reach out to others to share His message, to share Him, we can rest assured that everyone with whom we come into contact has this same beginning in common.

The Apostle Paul uses that common denominator as a touchstone with us saying, in essence, “You remember, don’t you, that you did not understand very much about anything as a child…but then as you grew, you began to understand a little more, bit by bit, until you became an adult, when you had a fuller understanding of what was going on around you…well, the Spiritual life is like that.”

We all begin our spiritual lives on this earth in childishness, ignorance and arrogance.

We all begin our spiritual lives on this earth in childishness, ignorance and arrogance. We each live as the center of our own little universe, until someone wiser and more mature begins to help us see that there are others inside that little universe, and that we need to consider that maybe there is more going on in the world, outside of our own skin!

What a shock!

I became a Christian as an adult…I was 38 at the time. And I had been thoroughly trained in the ways of the world. My view of the world, my communication skills and my reasoning were all totally influenced by the world around me. Magazines, newspapers and television were my standard of truth. I thought I knew where I stood on every major issue of that time: pro-choice, feminist, and very open to the idea that we are each the power in our own universe. Then I became a Christian.

What a shock!

My standard of truth changed, and now it was the Bible. And it became clear to me that I personally couldn’t make my belief system get square with what I found in the Word…I guess maybe I didn’t really know where I stood on contemporary issues, until I really knew where I stood with Jesus, who is the true center of the universe.

I began to see that, in light of Scripture, all life had intrinsic value because of Him…whether born or unborn, male or female, young or old.

I began to see that utilizing magazines, newspaper, television and now social media as standards of truth is wrong. They have no investment in our eternal selves, so they will almost always tell us only what we want to hear. Many, many times Scripture tells us what we DO NOT want to hear. 

Paul tells us to GROW UP!!!

What a shock!

Have you been shocked to understand something anew, to have the Lord illuminate the eyes of your heart? Have you been blessed to see something in a more mature, grown-up way? Is it not humbling?

Growing up in Christ is essentially a call to humility…the humility to admit that maybe we don’t know everything.

The humility to understand that the God who made the universe has a better understanding of His creation and His people, of ME! than I ever could. 

The humility to “put childish ways behind me” and to embrace His wisdom.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.