Starting Anew

2015 has arrived. The holiday season is officially over.  I swear, I'm packing up my Christmas decorations this week....

Last January, my pastor charged our congregation with the following:
"Don't be the same person at this time next year as you are right now."  

Live In The Round helped me in this challenge. God used women from around the world to teach me about His character and to draw me closer to Him.  These women encouraged and challenged me to know Christ and my Bible in deeper ways.

As LITR turns one year old this year, we will continue to grow by renovating the site, introducing you to a few new writers who are deeply in love with Jesus, and even popping in from time to time through video.

For the next couple of months, LITR will study the different 'facets' of the Gospel. Our hope is that as we join the Round in studying what the Gospel is, why it's important, what it means for our lives, and even what to do with our doubts, we will come to know our Savior in a much deeper way.

So, join us in the Round for the Gospel Project.

Thanks to She Reads Truth for their study, "This Is The Gospel," which the authors participated in together in preparation for the Gospel Project.

Because of our time together in the Word, prayer, and serving our Lord, may we say on January 5, 2016 that we are different people than we are today.