The Lies of Sin

I hate Satan. He’s the absolute worst. Genesis 3:1 tells us that he is more crafty, cunning (in the negative sense), prudent, and evil than any other beast in all the land. He can rob us of our freedom, hope, and trust found in Christ…if we let him. Satan takes the cake in the game of manipulation and deceit.

Let's take another look at what he did in the Garden. We find the account of The Fall in Genesis 2:15-3:2. It all began by God telling Adam that he could eat from EVERY tree in the perfect and harmonious garden, except from one tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

But Why?

Why did God instruct Adam to abstain from consuming the fruit of that one tree? Because He is a selfish, controlling, possessive, and domineering God? Of course not! He did so because He knew what would result…death, devastation, pain, and disaster. God gave Adam the instruction and restriction in order to protect him, because He loved him immeasurably.

Sin tells us that God wants to keep the good stuff from us - that what we want matters more than
what He [God] has for me.
— Raechel Myers

They Didn’t Listen

So, why did Eve eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Well, Satan persuaded Eve by telling her that contrary to what God said she will not die, but that she would have her eyes opened to good and evil...that she would be wise and like God knowing good and evil. Before Satan even says that, he belittles God by asking Eve, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” 

Eve’s thought process after Satan’s deceiving words probably went something like this: “Well that apple is good for food and I do desire to gain wisdom, so I’m going to take a piece off and eat it (paraphrased from Genesis 3:6).” 

What Went Wrong? 

This is the first moment in history of human pride and unbelief.  Adam and Eve lusted after autonomy, but actually trusted and gave themselves over to the serpent. They relied on their own wisdom above God’s. They refused to be satisfied with the countless blessings God had given them in the Garden; instead they rebelled against Him. They desired the ONE thing God forbade, as if the hundreds of other trees weren’t enough. 

Sin is a Lie

Satan is relentlessly telling us that sin is better than the blessings that God has already provided for us. When we believe this lie, sin ensues.  

In our sin, we believe that we need something that God has not provided. We may even find ourselves believing God is selfish, controlling, possessive, and domineering, rather than faithful, good, and loving. 

The only way to conquer sin is to for Jesus to be our hearts’ greatest desire.

We act out of the greatest desire in our hearts. Although we may look for other things to fulfill us, we can only be satisfied in Christ.  If our greatest desire is Jesus, we will seek and savor Him above all else. He will be abundantly satisfying and sin will progressively lose its appeal.

Stop Running

When we sin, we are simply running from God. Why in the world do we continue to run from the One who will offer us freedom, unconditional grace, and relentless mercy?

Perhaps because we’re prideful, controlling, and as John Calvin once said, “our hearts are idol-making factories”.  

However, sin was not the only thing to enter this world.  Hundreds of years after our first parents sealed their fate with a single bite of fruit, God Himself became man to win back His beloved people and conquer sin.

God can’t possible love you anymore than He does today and nothing you do will ever make Him love you any less. 

Trust in His promise to provide exactly what we need, when we need it.