Let's Rest for a Sec...

Why is THAT such good news?

So sin seems to have destroyed everything. From the very first temptation in the garden to our lives today, sin has taken its toll on humanity.

As we have discovered over the last couple of weeks, when left to our own devices, we run willingly to hell.  

Like our first parents, we eat the lie that we know better than God, that He does not want what is best for us.  We doubt. We don’t realize the magnitude of our own sin. We turn inward. We try to do things in our own strength.  We carry the weight of our old selves, forgetting the promises that God has given to His children.

You’re right. That’s not good news.

But, as my pastor always says, “Don’t take the score at halftime.”

Next week, we will explore the next chapter in the Gospel narrative. Understanding the bitterness of our sin will make this next section taste that much sweeter.  

“but God…”

Oh, the sweet taste of these two little words! If you run a search for “but God” in a Bible app, you’ll find this phrase appears around 66 times. Each time, it is God stepping into history, saving His people from their own folly. 

God did not leave us alone, nor will He allow for sin to consume us….

See you next week!