Gospel Project: Latest Highlights

Can I take a minute to state the obvious?

There is so much depth to the Gospel of Jesus.

Live in the Round has been busy digging to understand better what the Gospel is and how it truly impacts the life of the believer. I don’t know about you, but I am learning a ton from these ladies who love Jesus and love to tell others about Him!

The past couple of weeks, we have seen that Jesus is our Hope. He is the reason we have hope over our struggle with sin, He’s our current hope through despair and trial, and He alone is our future hope.

The last ‘facet’ of the Gospel we will be studying together over the next couple weeks is entitled “What Now?” Get ready to get practical!

I pray that you will join LITR by reflecting on each day’s topic for yourself. As we spend time in the Word this week, I will pray that we will be brave enough to ask difficult and important questions, and that God will speak to us.

Each week, we will focus on a specific Bible passage. I encourage you to use these readings in your daily Bible study time. If it’s a single verse, try memorizing it. If it’s a longer passage, read through it each day, and take the time to really dissect it.

Lord, open our eyes and hearts to Your message. Convict us of sin and unbelief. Mold our hearts to reflect more of You. Thank you for this beautiful group of authors and the other readers who have joined us in the Round.

See You In The Round!