A Break In Our Journey



I have learned so much from the other LITR writers the past couple of weeks. When I realize that the Gospel is more than just the information I need to know when saying a prayer of salvation, I am amazed at what an impact it truly makes in my life. My relationship with God is transformed. He gives us a spiritual makeover. I look at others around me in a different way. I pursue my faith wholeheartedly, not out of obligation, but out of desire. I worship my Creator differently. 

The Gospel changes everything

It is important that we are reminded of this as we dig deeper into different aspects of the Gospel. 

I am excited about our journey together, pursuing the different "facets" of the Gospel.  I pray that as we read and study in the weeks ahead, we look at the truths of the Gospel with fresh eyes.  Without fogging up and clearing out our glasses, we could miss very important details in stories that perhaps we have grown up with and can very likely recite from memory. 

Of course, may we be reminded, it's not enough to know more information about religion, the Bible, or even God. Knowing about Someone is not the same as knowing Him. 

Come back to the Round on Monday as we zoom in a little closer on this big picture of the Gospel.  We will look at different aspects of sin and why we even need a Savior in the first place!

See you on Monday!