Knowing the Invisible God

I remember when I first met my husband, Mark.  

One of my classes in college was in a lecture hall.  Packed in with about 300 other students, I noticed a boy walk in at the last minute before class started, and tiredly put his head down on the desk.  He donned black hooded sweatshirts, baggy jeans with a chain attached, black hair and a lip ring.  I remember judgmentally thinking to myself, “Aw! that poor slacker must not be getting a very good grade in here.” 

Then one day, he stood outside on the campus of our university, playing guitar with his brother and one of my coworkers, like some bad boy punk rockers.  

I walked up to them and began the awkward conversation.  “Hey, I think you are in my ‘Weather and Climate’ class.”  I said.  

"Um, I might be.” He replied, knowing there were hundreds of other people and many offerings of this particular lecture.

“Oh, you are, you sit 3 rows in front of me on the end.” I said confidently, though feeling like a stalker after I said it.

The conversation continued, awkwardness and all. He asked where I was off to and I told him I was going to a club to meet up with some friends.  My response pretty much ended the conversation.  I remember thinking he would probably never talk to this weird girl again.

We were so judgmental of one another at that first meeting.  I assumed he was a slacker getting bad grades, which he wasn’t.  He assumed I was some sorority girl off to get drunk at the bar, which I wasn’t. Yet somehow, through the semester, we continued to talk to each other in class and we got to know each other.

We were 18 years old when we first met at the University.  We are now 31 years old.  We know each other so well now and are able to laugh at our early judgment of one another.  We adore one another and love each other more deeply every day.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just know each other’s hearts and souls immediately?  However, no relationship works like that, earthly or spiritually. 

As with any relationship, our relationship with Christ requires time with Him.

Psalm 145 : 18
“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”

When Mark and I began dating, I transferred to a different college and was hours away.  We didn’t get to see one another.  I even suggested that he could break up with me since we would not see one another frequently. Mark responded by saying he was dedicated to trying to make the relationship work long distance.  

We talked on the phone.  We did devotions together.  We visited each other when we were able.  All of these things required dedicated and focused time to see us through.  

The same is true when pursuing a deeper relationship with God.  We must call on Him in the same way.  Dedicating time to God alone, without distractions, can help us to grow closer to Him.  

When I drive in my car alone, I talk to Jesus.  When I cannot sleep, I talk to Jesus.  When I hurt, I talk to Jesus. When I am happy, I talk to Jesus.  

Just like in any good relationship, I close my mouth and listen.  I read the God inspired scriptures to remember God’s character.  I silently listen for His voice.  I quiet my soul and open my heart to hear anything He may be speaking to me.  

I crave my Creator’s voice more than my husbands, my children’s or anyone else.  The loneliness I felt when Mark and I had a long-distance relationship could never compare to the longing I have to go home to my Creator.  Every day my need for Him grows deeper, and I pray for the day when I am finally able to be with my Savior.

I want to encourage you to read Psalm 8:1-9 right now as you seek a deeper relationship with God.  

Psalm 8:1
LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

“God, we seek You.  We want to know who You are, what You stand for and about Your amazing character.  There is such a difference between knowing You in our minds and knowing You in our hearts.  

We pray that You would enter into our lives in a way that helps us to develop the greatest calling on our lives which is to get the honor of being with You.  May we know and understand You more and respond to who You are and who You have called us to be.  Amen.”