The Glory of the Word Made Flesh

One might say, in summary, calling Jesus “the Word” implies that he is “God-Expressing-Himself” to us.
— John Piper, The Dawning of Indestructible Joy

Admittedly, John 1:1 can be confusing upon first read. Why did John use the term "the Word" to describe Jesus?

In today's advent reading, we see a superb explanation from John Piper.  Basically, no phrase other than "the Word" could satisfy when describing Jesus.

As we focus on what it means for Jesus to be called "the Word', let us also remind ourselves to look with a magnifying glass at the Bible passages that we know so well. 

Be free to ask the question, "Why did the author choose THAT word or phrase?"

See You In The Round,

LITRLITR, AdventComment