He Came To Serve

Did anyone else read today's reading from "The Dawning of Indestructible Joy" and think, "Wow! I really do act like this Christian life is all about serving Jesus."?  As Ashley says, "We tend to believe that we are 'saved by grace, but kept by works.'

But what would happen if we truly, deep down in our hearts, understood that Jesus came to serve, NOT to be served?! If we could live in the freedom of being in love with our Savior, who, from beginning to end, works in our hearts? 

I think we would find that, indeed, we still would serve our hearts out.  However, this type of service would not be 'giving back' to Jesus for what He has done in our lives.  

No, we would dedicate our lives to Him as worship.

See You In The Round!

LITRLITR, AdventComment