"Turn or Burn" is NOT okay!

Where is your one?

If you have been following any of my writing, then you have learned pretty quickly that I am passionate about evangelism, discipleship and generally sharing Jesus with others.

I know it may seem like sharing Jesus may come more naturally for some rather than others. I can be easily overwhelmed or intimidated by sharing my faith.  But I know that Jesus calls each and every one of His followers to “go out and make disciples of all nations”.  
There are so many different types of evangelism theories and styles!  Should I pass out gospel tracts?  Should I learn an illustration?  If so, which one? The bridge? The tight-rope walker?  Should I stalk food courts to have random conversations with people or get into apologetic debates? Should I stand on a street corner waiving a sign that says “turn or burn”?  Should I host large Billy Graham-style events?  Should I literally beat people over the head with bibles?
There is room for many evangelistic styles and methodologies (okay, not the “turn or burn” sign or actually hitting people with bibles…).

Jesus spoke to both large crowds and individuals.  He told parables and spoke explicitly.  Sometimes, he didn’t use words at all.

I advocate a one-on-one, personal relationship style of evangelism.  I found this style to be the most natural, because we have a relational God.  

I believe in developing laborers for Christ, not simply recruiting people to recite the “sinner’s prayer”.  Also, exponential growth, over enough time, will overtake linear growth.  
A single large revival event may bring thousands of individuals to Christ.  On the other hand, you may only meet with one friend, who comes to follow Jesus.  If that one friend goes out to help another friend meet and follow Jesus, over time the exponential growth of people deciding to follow Jesus will overwhelm Billy Graham style events.  
Don’t get me wrong… I am not trying to reduce sharing Christ to a simple mathematical equation.  In fact, I want to encourage you to stop worrying about “numbers”.  That is not was sharing Jesus should be about.  

By having a healthy view of evangelism, I can take comfort in obeying Christ’s call to go out and make disciples of all nations because I am not worried about numbers.  I only need to ask myself, “Where is my one person?"  That is, where is the one person into whom I am investing?  Where is the one person I am helping to become a follower of Jesus?
Now I challenge you, where is your one?

See You In The Round!