Getting Schooled by my Son

My son, Sammy, makes friends anywhere we go.  He is talkative (non-stop), funny, sweet and brave.  While he's never taken a class on evangelism or even knows what that word means, he taught me a lesson on a recent trip to our public library.

The baby had been sick all week and I was just dying to get out of the house.  The boys and I gathered up our rented books and movies, praying there weren't any new fines.  How is it that I can go years borrowing books without a fine, and then have children and decide to fund a new wing of the library with my overdue book donations?

As we settled into the children's library, I breathed a sigh of relief.  There were no screaming kids, nagging moms or hawk eyed librarians.  Time to relax!  We were alone, besides a toddler, preschooler and grandmother sitting quietly at a table near the back.  The little preschool boy was building puzzles, and Sammy joined right in.

"Hi, I'm Sammy.  My real name is Samuel.  What's your name?"

"Don!" He was excited to have someone to play with.

"That's my baby brother, Joshua, over there.  You know; Joshua in the Bible?  He fought the battle of Jerico," Sammy explained.

"Yeah! We go to church," answered the boy.

The boys continued to talk, giggle, and read books together for the next hour.  They were instantaneous friends.  I could see the joy on Don's face, and could tell he was a lonely boy.

I ended up talking to Don's grandmother for a few minutes, and learned that his father was in the hospital for the third time this month, apparently very ill.  His grandmother was watching the children to help out.

I left the library that day in tears over how my son blessed that little boy.  He surely was going through a very tumultuous time, and desperately needed a friend that day.  If my son had been shy or selfish, he would have lost out on the opportunity to be the hands of God.

How often do I miss out on being a blessing to others?  I came home wishing I had prayed with the grandmother for Don's father.  Wishing we had swapped phone numbers so the boys could play together again.  Wishing I'd gotten Don's address so we could send a card.  

That day Sammy showed that little boy how much God loves him.  He hasn't even graduated from preschool yet, but he knows that God calls us to love others and tell them about Him.  Maybe that's what Jesus meant when He said to have faith like a child.  Not a 'simple' faith, but a fearless boldness in speaking to others.  You can be sure I will be taking lessons from my 4-year-old on how to bring up faith so effortlessly!

See You In The Round!