Just Show Up

I feel like a sub-par Christian admitting this, but I have been really stinking up the whole prayer thing.  I could blame it on the fact that I can't have a single uninterrupted thought most days, but this is a problem that pre-dates my children.  

And honestly, I'm tired of these spits and sputters.  So, I'm making a change.  If you want to go nowhere, do nothing.  If you want to go somewhere, do something.  Right?


It seems like every book I've read lately has made it abundantly clear that to live the Christian life without being deeply rooted in prayer is laughable.  Or even hypocritical.  

Hello, God

I mean, if I really believe I have the ability to speak with the God of the Universe, I'm crazy NOT to be dialing up that phone number!  And the even crazier thing is He hears us and BENDS DOWN to listen! See 1 John 5:14 and Psalm 116:1-2

I've been reading a book called "Praying For Boys" by Brooke McGlothlin.  The book is amazing and I highly recommend it.  Over and over again, however, I keep going back to first section on why we should pray because I want to really get the theology behind it.  If I do not grasp why I should pray, then I am never going to get past this hurdle.

Talk to You Later

One simple thing Brooke McGlothlin shares is the idea of changing the frequency and depth of prayer.  For example, at the end of her conversational prayers throughout the day, she says, "Talk to You in about an hour."  Seems silly, but it really works!  I don't know if it's God reminding me to pray an hour later, or my subconscious thinking , “Hey, I'm supposed to be doing something right now”, or both.  Whatever the case, this one example is already making a huge difference in my prayer life.

Which brings me to my revolutionary plan to change my prayer life:


Yep, sounds a bit simplistic, but simple enough it might just work!

My prayer life will never grow if I don't show up to pray.  Just like if I don't buy groceries, my family won't eat.  

Along with this amazing plan of showing up, I have two specific requests of God.

  1. Remind me to pray, Lord.
  2. Give me things to pray for outside of my little bubble.

He's answering both prayers, and I am confident that He'll do that for you, too.  It makes me more excited to show up again and again.  I have such a very long way to go in my prayer life, but as a wise pastor I know once said, 

"It's OK to be where you're at on your spiritual journey, but it's not OK to stay where you are." Kevin Crawford

So I'm praying for you today, dear reader, that you will not stay where you are, but put down deeper roots in your faith and walk with the King.


See you in the round! 


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