Our Favorite Books: Kisses from Katie

Alright ladies, if you have not read Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis, go grab a box of Kleenexes and prepare for an amazing story.  This was an amazing book from the picture on the cover to the bounded tear stained last page.  As much as I enjoyed this book, I had to stop reading it almost every page to take a break because it left me sobbing.  I don’t believe it is just because I have seven adopted children either.  Katie J. Davis speaks of Jesus’ love in ways that I had not heard expressed before.

“More important than the very obvious might and power shown by Jesus' miracles is His love. He loved these people enough to do everything in His power to "make it better." He entered into their suffering and loved them right there.” 
― Katie J. Davis, Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Like Katie Davis, God has given me a passion for adoption.  I strive to love like Jesus.  I want to follow Him into brokenness and and show Christ's love to children who need it.

Every day, I look into my children’s eyes and wonder, “Where would they be if they weren’t home?”  Usually horrible answers come to mind: dead, on the streets, bounced around from abusive home to abusive home, abandoned, a slave.

There are more children out there waiting for someone to protect them.  It is not easy.  Adoption is the hardest and most Christ-like love that I have ever come to know.  Yet, it is a love that I could not live without.

“The truth is that the 143 million orphaned children and the 11 million who starve to death or die from preventable diseases and the 8.5 million who work as child slaves, prostitutes, or under other horrific conditions and the 2.3 million who live with HIV add up to 164.8 million needy children. And though at first glance that looks like a big number, 2.1 billion people on this earth proclaim to be Christians."

The truth is that if only 8 percent of the Christians would care for one more child, there would not be any statistics left.
— Katie J. Davis, Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

For those families who are waiting on adoptive children, I am praying.  For the families who help children in foster care or have chosen to adopt a child, I am praying.  For those who don’t want to risk comfort, I pray that you will search your hearts, educate yourselves, and seek God in His call to step outside of your comfort zone today.

For more information on foster care or adoption, please contact your local job and family services or contact one of the recommended foster and adoption agencies listed below:

Foster Care:
Diversion Adolescent Foster Care

Foster Care and Adoption:
Catholic Charities

Stateside and International Adoption:
America World Adoption


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