Have you ever asked, “What else could possibly happen?” Or, have you told God you just couldn’t possibly take “one more thing”? God has a sense of humor, trust me. Don’t say those things unless you are ready for the ride of your life!

Let me share with you the whirlwind that God swept my family up in 3 years ago.

My husband and I felt the call to move from our first home together in Kentucky to Toledo, Ohio. We previously said that we would never live in the north again. We never thought that we would WANT to live under the heavy gray blanket that covers the Glass City, where the unemployment rate is pushing 20%, where the landscape stretches flat as far as the eye can see. But here were were.  Can you see His sense of humor already?

After receiving an offer on our home, we began packing and planned to move at the end of January. Below is a breakdown of the craziness that ensued during our move to Ohio.

Saturday January 15th: Pop (my father-in-law, who was battling cancer) purchased an overnight trip to Nashville for my husband and I to get away before our big move. It included a stay at a swanky hotel and a very expensive meal.  My mom came down to watch the kids.

Sunday: Received a phone call from my mom that she was very ill with the flu and needed us to come home immediately.

Monday: My mom stayed to recover and help pack for the move scheduled Saturday. That afternoon, my husband received THE call from his mom that it was time to say goodbye to his dad. He rushed to Ohio and spent the night in the hospital. 

Tuesday: Pop went to be with Jesus that afternoon. That evening, my husband called to inform me that the visitation and funeral would be Friday and Saturday, the very same day that we HAD to move to be able to close on the house the following week. We decided the only logical thing to do was to move Wednesday, less than 24 hours away. I had not even remotely finished packing. Insert panick attack.

Wednesday: My mom took the kids and drove the 6 hours to Ohio. I continued to pack with the help of friends and finished one hour before the budget truck rolled into the drive way. We finished loading the truck and drove directly to Ohio to avoid an impending snowstorm.

Thursday: At 1:30 am, we rolled into town and crashed into bed completely exhausted. The truck was unloaded into a storage unit during a snow storm. 

Friday: On the drive to the visitation, our van lost heat, and it was a whopping 6 degrees outside.

Saturday: We spent the day with family for Pop’s funeral and then headed back to our new home, my parent’s house. The van's heat still did not work.  

Sunday: My husband returned to Kentucky to finish his last week of work and train his replacement.

Monday-Wednesday: I had trouble putting gas in my van, and found out it was leaking antifreeze. I had the radiator replaced.

Thursday-Sunday: My oldest son and I left for Kentucky to go to the house closing, attend my husband’s ordination and commissioning service. The van was still leaking antifreeze, so we knew something else was going wrong. But, the gas was pumping in normally again. Then the check engine light came on and we lost power steering. Then it worked again, so we got an oil change and prayed that would fix it.

Monday January 31: We headed back to Ohio.

Tuesday: A blizzard hit the US, to include NW Ohio.

Wednesday: $1200 more in repairs needed on the van.

Monday February 7th: My husband was offered a part time job. We were thankful to have some income. Well, not so thankful that our van suddenly had a crack in the windshield the size of our 3 year old (no, he did not fly into it).

I could have been mad at God for everything that happened to us over this three week time span.  A few months prior, I would have been in panic ‘fix it’ mode to the destruction of my marriage and faith. However, my attitude was actually one of thanks, expectation, and excitement. What can I say but that God worked overtime in the sanctification department of my life.

Whatever God had planned for us here in Ohio must be great, because Satan sure was trying his hardest to discourage us. We were homeless, unemployed, and broke…all for the glory of God!

These words from 2 Corinthians 4 were never more alive to me than at that time:

do not lose heart.jpg

See you in the round,



“Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
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