Finding My Way

Our family is made of up three people and one very hairy/loyal/daft/gorgeous/frustrating/lovable dog called Wilbur. In my (un)biased opinion, he is the most amazing four-legged creature in the world and one of the highlights of my day is taking him out for long walks around the amazing countryside that we’re blessed with in this corner of the world. It is often during these walks that I do most of my talking with God. To anyone who sees me, I simply look like someone who is out for an obligatory daily walk with their dog but I often return home with a stronger, clearer idea of who God is and His desires for me.

My Dog, Wilbur

It was during one of my forest walks last week that I had a very clear image of my life as a map. On this map, God was the focal point, the Trig Point so-to-speak. He was my destination. At times, I could see Him very clearly, at times I could not see Him at all. Sometimes He was straight ahead of me and seemed to be within reaching distance, only for me to walk a bit further and realise that there was, in fact, a huge crevasse between us. Sometimes I lost sight of Him and panicked before realising that He was there all along (I had simply been looking in the wrong place). Sometimes I found myself to be hopelessly lost, with no idea of how I had reached there only to realise that God had taken me this route in order to show me a significant place along the way.  Sometimes I walked around in circles, so confused by the way ahead. Sometimes I travelled quickly, whilst at other times I was reluctant to move at all, either through fear of what might lie ahead or through being (misguidedly) content with my current location. 

One thing that did not change was God. No matter where I was on this map, God knew where I was. I was never beyond His sight and as long as my eyes remained fixed on Him, I would find my way. I then asked myself, ‘Louisa, are you happy with your current location or do you want to get nearer?’ The answer, of course, was that I wanted to reach God and not just turn back but rather set up camp there. To spend every day with Him and to look out at the incredible, sometimes frightening, sometimes awe-inspiring landscape through which He had brought me. So, am I walking in the right direction? With His help, I’ll get there.


See You In The Round!

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