5 Ways to Find Your Identity In Christ THIS WEEKEND

As we wrap up our week of looking at the different aspects of our identity in Christ, let us spend some time getting really practical. How can we dig deeper this weekend?

1. Spend some quiet time with God.
Grab a Bible (or use one online) and get away, even if it is just for a few minutes.
Don't know where to begin? First, ask God to be with you as you study His Word.
Need something to study? Look up the verses in Kim's "I Am" list below. 

2. Share your story with a friend who loves Jesus and ask her to share too.
As we saw yesterday in 1 John, God calls us to pursue godly relationships with other believers who will encourage us to Christ. God uses friends to encourage one another, as they see what He is doing in the lives of His people. 

3. Ask someone you love how they would describe you. 
Do they mention anything about seeing evidence of faith?  Why or why not? Do you act like you know that you are filled with the Holy Spirit?

Let’s act like we know we are filled with power of the Spirit of the LORD! John the Baptist leapt with excitement for Jesus even in the womb (Luke 1), Peter prayed and spoke scripture with boldness (Acts 4), Paul spent his life proclaiming the name of Jesus despite the consequences (Acts 9)… all because the Spirit of the Lord was at work in them.
— Erin, LITR

4. Make a list of the times that God has moved in your life. 
When did God first open your eyes to see His glory? When have you felt His Spirit with you? When have you seen evidence that He is your Helper

5. Attend a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. 
Ashley Linne says in her book, Inseparable, "You are meant to be a part of a local church, and your role is crucial.... If you think your presence and involvement in a local church doesn't really matter that much - that you're doing just fine listening to sermons online and praying with a friend - you're really missing out" (page 108).

Go to church armed with an open heart, Bible, and notebook to glean everything you can about our Savior. Worship with a glad heart and be thankful for what Christ accomplished for us on the cross.

If you do not already have a church family, look for one today. Don't worry. The thought of walking into a new place may be scary, but it will be worth it once you see a friendly face.

If you do already have a church home, go to church prepared with a Bible and notebook to look for new faces to welcome!


It is our prayer that God will continue to show us that if we are one with Him, then we are truly inseparable.

See You In The Round!

PS - If you haven't gotten a copy of Ashley Linne's book, Inseparable: Who I Am, Was, and Will Be in Christ, get a copy today. You can find it on Amazon or any christian retailer. 

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