Lessons from the 2014 Snowpocolypse

On what should have been my son's first week back to school after Christmas break, we had a rough patch of weather here in Northwest Ohio. The count was around 21 inches of snow in less than a week, plus drifting snow and subzero temperatures. I do not think anything could make me wish for summer more than that!

When it was all said and done, school was cancelled five days in a row. Mothers for miles around did a collective scream and started to get crazy twitchy eyes as that last day's cancellation was announced. Oh yes we did!

Here is a list of what I learned during Snowpocolypse 2014:

photo (2).JPG

1. You know you have cabin fever when the sound of Curious George sends you into fits of hysterical laughter. And then you really lose it when your son says, "Mom, my video just said we are like Lima beans to sharks".

2. In a desperate attempt to get away from a momma with her crazy twitching eye and hot chocolate mustache, children are willing to brave subzero temperatures for long periods of time.

*That was purely for your amusement. And now for my real list:

1. It is amazing how life slows down when you are literally snowed in. It made me realize how quickly my three boys are growing up. I need to stop blinking. Sometimes I long for when they are older and less annoying... I mean, more mature. I hear the lie when I say life will be easier then. Truthfully, it will just bring different challenges. God has things to teach me in this time and place if I only let Him.

2. It became evident while in close quarters, that my husband and I were clearly not in control of our house. As parents who desperately want our children to love Jesus, we had been focusing on showing our children how loving and gracious God is by giving them lots of grace (a good thing, right?). We came to realize, though, that for spiritual training to take hold in our children's hearts, we first must require obedience and respect from our boys. The Bible teaches that without the law, we cannot know that we sin (Romans 7:7). If we want our children to realize their sinful nature before a good and loving God, we need to teach them the law and expect them to follow it.

3. As many moms find out, it is very easy to get caught up in the tyranny of the urgent. We forget to make time for less urgent but still worthwhile pursuits. Lately, I have been walking around in a mental fog, not thinking deeper than what is needed for my daily survival. I have been neglecting doing things that I enjoy. Of course, do let us not forget the sleepless nights with a three month old baby. As a result, I have been a bit of a grump. However, I am a daughter of the King, and am loved and cherished. He does not want me to just survive, but to thrive. All of those enjoyed extra things that have been neglected are part of who God made me to be and I should not forget about them. So, I am picking up my camera again. I have my eye on a few books to start reading. I am so excited for the opportunity to write for this blog. Each of these things will help keep my head out of the foggy daily grind, as I strive to share how God is moving in my life.

What has God been teaching you lately?

See You In The Round!

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