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 I am married to my college sweetheart and live in the bitter tundra of northeast Ohio!
Currently I am a waitress at a local restaurant waiting to be discovered by a big time newspaper editor. When I'm not serving breakfast to old folks, I volunteer with the Navigators, an international Christian ministry, at the University of Akron. I enjoy reading, writing, being goofy, and drinking too much coffee (often all at once).
Check out Hebrews 12:2 for one of my favorite verses!



 I am a wife and adopted mom of two awesome kids. I love reading and researching random topics (in the past, I have looked into lie detection, geocaching, Chinese, the British Royal Family, and oh so much more). I love hanging out with people from around the world. My dream job is to be a spy. Oh, yes, and my husband is a bi-vocational church planter and I am growing daily in how to support him in his ministry. Hanging out with women and discussing the depths of theology and our faith is my passion.



A native Hoosier but east coaster at heart, I’m Christina! I am a stay-at-home mom who lives in Colorado with my Air Force husband, Richard, son, and one on the way. I enjoy trying new recipes, crocheting, laughing, and am a self-proclaimed grammar wonk (both English and German!). I grew up as the oldest of four PKs (pastor’s kids) and am perpetually excited to see what God has in store for the future. My favorite verse is Proverbs 17:22.



Born and raised in the great state of Ohio, I am currently living in a small northwestern town with my husband. We have been married for almost 4 years, are both working, and do not yet have any children. I work in higher education and I love my job! The Lord is faithful, and I have been so blessed that He has enabled me to live my mission. I love having adventures near home and abroad, learning about different people and cultures, cooking, learning more about “real food”, enjoying “haute cuisine” with my hubby, crafting, reading, having conversations with friends over coffee, and spending time outside!



Hi! I'm Erin. I blessed to be a mother of three amazing (and exhausting) babes. I am thankful to be a wife of 8 years as God has carried my husband and me through challenging times. I am overwhelmed with joy to be redeemed by the blood of Christ.
God has given me a love for people of all ages, but I especially feel drawn minister to the hearts of women and older adults. I enjoy writing and pray that Jesus gets all the glory for what comes from it.

Check out my series about how God has worked through adultery in marriage.



 I’m the mama of two sweet, spirited kids. A long-time lover of words, I work in publishing, and my wonderful husband has the much tougher job of stay-at-home dad. I enjoy reading, writing, sewing/crafting, and making up silly songs and dances to make my daughter laugh. On a warm summer night, you might find us hanging out with our neighbors, or in our basement playing Yahtzee and watching old episodes of Star Trek on Netflix. I love to laugh and I love connecting with friends.



I’m a wife and mom of 3 of ‘those’ boys (7, 5.5 and 1). You know ‘those’ boys, that are about 298% boy? I have my own part-time photography business and love learning how to capture this fleeting life in still frames. At home, you can find me menu planning real food recipes, organizing some remote closet in my home (physical order means mental clarity for me!), researching natural health remedies, and watching Gilmore Girls. My favorite verse is Zephaniah 3:17.



I was raised in a small Midwest town but now live in Washingnton, DC. I am married to a Mississippi man who wooed me with his Southern drawl and homemade sweet tea. Together, we enjoy good food and drink – both the cooking and the eating - and we especially like to keep our little apartment jam-packed with people we love. I am fortunate to work from home for a non-profit organization, and my husband is on staff at our church. Some of my other favorite things are learning, laughing, reading, college football, and coffee.



I am Kim, daughter of God, wife to one amazing man, and mom to seven little blessings.  My husband and I adopted all seven of our children through international and stateside adoptions.  I am passionate about loving others, adoption, public speaking, cooking, Haiti, and enjoying family life.  You can often find me at one of my kids’ sporting events cheering them on, singing with my husband or playing outside with my kids. 



I’m a 23-year old brand-newlywed native to Alabama. I am a textbook introvert, preferring low key hang outs to large crowds and noise. Also, I am a total psychology nerd and am studying to become a licensed professional counselor; and plan to ultimately practice Biblical counseling. In the meantime, I am a working happily as a waitress. In my spare time, you might find me reading, journaling, knitting, or attempting to sew (I need a teacher so badly). 



Wife of 35 years, Mother of 3, Current empty nester with a passion for Christian education. I enjoy learning, teaching and preaching and am always looking for fresh inspiration from the Word of God. I currently serve as a Chaplain in the workplace.



I was born and raised in Alabama. I'm now a pastor's wife, a mom, and the director of a preschool in the Most Beautiful Small Town in America, Bardstown, KY. With a British husband, I find myself enjoying British TV programs. I am passionate about teaching young children about Jesus and His love for us. My verses to live by are Titus 2:3-5. You can find me on twitter as @tracy_s_davison.